Eliminate Rather Than Relocate


Eliminate Rather Than Relocate

While you’re organizing or packing for your move, sift and sort. Use a heavy hand toward the trash can, and let common sense and these tips be your guide.

The Floor Plan:

If possible, get a floor plan of your future residence, or make one to scale on graph paper. Then try to fit your furniture in. If it won’t fit on paper, it won’t fit when you arrive. Get rid of it.

Color-coordinate your move:

If the sofa just won’t match, don’t move it. Often you can replace furniture and appliances more cheaply than you can re-upholster or refurbish and move them.

Ignore the “I Might Need It Someday” Syndrome:

Don’t move the riding mower to an apartment. Part with tools you won’t have a place to use. And remember, junk is junk. You don’t need a furnished attic.

Plan for Plants:

Even if it is possible, it may not be sensible.

Toys — The Kids’:

Now’s the time to clean out the toy box. If the kids are old enough, give them incentive. Let them stage their own garage sale and keep the profits to buy something special — after you’ve moved.

Food for Thought:

Frozen foods cannot be shipped, so eat up. Consume canned goods and food staples, and don’t replenish them. Plan menus to make the most of what you have. Be sure to empty your refrigerator completely and clean thoroughly to prevent odor problems.


Don’t take it with you.

Pianos and organs:

Pianos and organs also require special handling and should be tuned after a move. If they’re an enjoyable part of your life-style, move them; if they’re just impressive trimming, you might want to trim your moving cost.

Flammable items:

Do not under any conditions move flammable items. Empty fuel from the lawn mower, power tools or kerosene lamps. Don’t take paints (oil base), bleach, cleaning fluids, lighter fluids, matches, ammunition or any other type of combustible. Check the kids’ chemistry set. Butane tanks cannot be loaded into a moving van unless they are certified as being professionally purged. If you have doubts — don’t take it. Better safe than sorry.

Can your aerosol cans:

A seemingly innocent aerosol can of hair spray could explode and endanger your whole shipment. Eliminate all aerosol cans — hair sprays, shaving creams, deodorants, household cleaners, insecticides, tarnish removers, car cleaners and others.

Verify type of power:

You can prevent wiring damage caused by temperature changes by unplugging all electronic items 24 hours before loading and waiting 24 hours at your new residence before plugging them into an outlet. Check to be sure that you have the proper power connections and sources for your appliances in your future residence. Don’t move a gas stove or dryer to an all-electric house.

Shelving systems:

If you have a built-in shelving system, leave it that way. No new owner will appreciate holes in the wall where the shelves used to be.

From flag poles to basketball goals:

We’ve been asked to move them before! Sell them with the house and save yourself time, trouble and money.

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